High-Quality Results on a Wide Range of Materials

lef-300-with-bofa-2We can print on objects up to 3.94” in height, including a wide variety of substrates like PET, ABS, polycarbonate, and soft materials such as TPU and leather.

We can print on three-dimensional items such as pens, smartphone cases, signs, awards, giftware, promotional items and more – the possibilities are virtually endless.

Advanced ECO-UV Inks for Outstanding Results

ECO-UV inks image beautifully and conform around the most complex corners and curves, allowing us to customize everything from gifts and novelties to industrial parts and product prototypes.

ECO-UV inks include a high-density white ink for greater brilliance on clear or dark-coloured materials and clear ink for gloss and matte finishes. Multiple layers of clear ink can be applied to simulate embossing and 3D textures.

The Benefits of Printing with a Small Format UV Flatbed Printer

We Can Print Some Really Cool Stuff!

Up above we listed some of the different materials we can print on. The possibilities are endless. And because this is digital printing you can have full colour graphics with incredible detail.

Promotional Products with No Minimum Quantities

Traditionally when you order promotional products there are certain minimum quantities that you have to order but sometimes you just don’t need/want that many. We can accommodate orders with small quantities.

Good for the Environment

ECO UV inks emit no VOC’s unlike some solvent based systems. We also print directly to the substrate which eliminates the need for vinyl film and all the waste that it creates.